“aw, hell”

treatsfor those of you who know me, you know that i love a good bargain. this morning, my wife and i stumbled upon a church yard sale (our favorite). from the second we entered cummings memorial united methodist church, i knew we were in for a treat!

my wife is a united methodist minister’s daughter. my challenge to her before we walked through the door– you have to bring up the fact that you are a minister’s daughter at least once before we leave. boy did she bring it up! she told everyone in the building.

as we were leaving, we noticed biscuits and sausage gravy for sale. i was sold. the lady asked me how many plates i wanted. “2,” i told her. my wife tried to stop me, but i knew better–she will often not get something and end up wanting mine. when the older lady returned with the plates, my wife exclaimed, “AW HELL, you’re right! i do want some!” all eyes on her. the lady behind the counter at a church gave a maniacal laugh. “let’s just go sit down,” i said.

we decided to sit at the table they had provided and eat this plate of deliciousness. just us, 2 queers (1 of us being a preacher’s kid), and a handful of grams and gramps. we got several looks. maybe it was because my dress was low cut. maybe it was because we were awkwardly laughing.

on the way out, we stopped by the dessert table to grab some homemade baked goods. they are heavenly.

picture above–please notice the cursive handwriting–what a lost art


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