“oh, addie.”

so. a couple of weeks ago, my wife and i decide to take our dogs on a hike. we have three dogs, all very different. addie (the dog who the story is about) is a three year old scent hound/black lab mix. she was rescued from the local shelter, and came with many “specialties.” she definitely suffers from PTSD and is unlike any other dog i’ve ever met. she is super socially awkward (and by that, i mean socially inappropriate). she doesn’t like golf carts (the neighbors find pleasure in riding theirs across the back lawn numerous times a day), other dogs (but loves cats, children, and her 2 dog sisters), or uncle tom. anways, back to the story. we decided to hike around a local state forest. while we were preparing for the hike, addie managed to get away (unleashed). she jetted. my wife and i took the other dogs hiking back into the woods. “addie!!!!” we screamed. we hiked in all directions. there was no sign of addie. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that addie is also on prozac. we hiked for miles. friends and family helped spread the word. “shit. what are we going to do?” we hiked in the rain. we hiked the next morning before the sun had risen. we left a tshirt by the last place we were all together. nothing. we drove up the roads screaming for her, main roads, side roads, anywhere nearby. we tried everything.  by the next afternoon, i had come to terms with never seeing her again. soon after, my phone rang. i heard a young country boy on the other line, “we have you dog addie.” “holy shit! are you messing with me? is she alive?! is she hurt?! where are you?! are you sure you’re not messing with me? did she hurt you?” we met up and sure enough, there sat addie between 2 boys in a red pick-up truck. they (the probably underage boys) had went out for a sunday drive so they could drink a beer (PBR of course) on this back road behind the forest. they saw addie, stopped, and she hopped right on in the truck. one of boys said, “i figured she was thirsty, so i gave her some of my beer. so if she acts different, don’t be worried.” while we had been suffering from worry and fear, she was out having the time of her life. “oh, addie,” i said as i shook my head.

thank you good ole’ boys for saving the day. and my dog. she slept well that night.

addie is my favorite of the three dogs (even though i don’t have “favorites”)


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